Tales Of Voracious

Welcome to the world of the Sundered Kingdom. Join the Guardians as they connect with those the world finds monstrous using intimacy, connection, and passion.

Tales of Voracious: Volume One

Tales of Voracious: Volume One is a thirty story anthology featuring the passionate adventures of a Guardian – a person who finds and connects with monsters in tantalizing and delicious ways. The world of Voracious is one of intimacy, connection, and passion. The Guardian wanders from place to place, following tales of creatures and monsters, to discover the truth of their stories and forge a deep connection with them. These connections are loving, consensual, passionate, and often carnal.

Each erotic tale dives deep into the monster’s story and pulls out the humanity behind the myth and legend to show that monsters are deserving of love and understanding too. It is pivotal in these stories that the monsters are treated with compassion, desire, and understanding. These key goals have become part of the Tales of Voracious world, offering readers an erotic story focused on humanity instead of dehumanizing and fetishization.

Join the Guardian as she explores the truth of legends and myths, seeks to understand the monster within, and shares an intimate and loving encounter with the creature discovered. Each story offers an intimate, passionate look at the monster and their needs, combining research, erotic writing, and humanity.