Our Smaller games:

A free one-page game! Madness and Desire is based on John Harper’s Lasers and Feelings. Have you ever wonder what being on a TV dating show would be like? Have you ever wondered what that show would be like if you were trying to find love in the tentacles of an Elder God? Madness and Desire gives you the chance to find out!

Contestants might stand awkwardly in the driveway, race to find a bed, summon something from beyond the void, or even play a rousing game of Drunk Surgeon. Whatever it takes to get some 1 on 1 time with the Elder bachelor.

Remember, even Cthulhu needs a soulmate.

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Letters in the Gloom is a multiplayer roleplaying game about souls locked apart while desperately seeking connection through letters. The writers create and receive letters which are sent into the Gloom, theorizing about what the Gloom is, talking about the past, their hopes, and their fears. The Gloom receives and sends letters, sometimes creating them itself, to add to a creepy atmosphere of being watched by an unknown entity. 

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Savior is a voice recording and journaling experience for one traveller set within the limits of space and communities living within the vast galaxies. Travellers enter communities, experience their wonders, and try to help prevent the fall of them from systemic and community issues.

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