Our Services

Developmental Editing
We are happy to help and assist game designers in the development process of game design. With a unique understanding of systems, settings, and design, we focus on helping designers create mindful and emotionally intentional games. If you’re struggling with your game’s flow, having it hit the emotional notes you want, or just don’t know where to go next, we've got you.

Safety Editing
One of our core beliefs is that every game deserves its own safety mechanics to help ensure players and GMs have a fun and healthy experience. We design safety mechanics for individually to ensure they’re baked into the game itself. As a team, we help you create unique safety mechanics that are a core part of your game, and help you write a nuanced approach to the safety section of your game book.

Sensitivity Consulting
As members of marginalized communities, we regularly do sensitivity edits of games. This involves examining game mechanics and content for troubling, offensive, or problematic content and offering solutions to the designer. We work with you to en your game is welcoming to as many people as possible and doesn’t hurt people with its content. If your game content is outside our scope of practice, we will help you find someone who works with your needs!

Policy and Procedures
Each community has individual needs that are often overlooked as they are first created. These needs later become glaring holes in the functioning of the community. As community leaders and organizers, we are adept at helping you fill those holes with functioning policies and procedures, from conflict documents, to standards of practice, to harassment and inclusivity policies.

Organizational Consultation
While many communities tend to grow organically, they can hit a point where structure becomes necessary to continue functioning. We provide insight on how to create structure, implement functioning teams, and engage the community membership in meaningful and healthy ways. We also coach leaders on providing healthy boundaries for themselves and their communities.

Game Design
Long-time game designers, we pride ourselves on working with other creatives to make their design visions come to life. We are adept at helping create mechanics, setting, and unique rules, and breathing fresh ideas into settings and worlds. Whether we’re involved from the ground up or come in as stretch goal designers, we are communicative, punctual, and able to meet the needs of our clients.

Tech Writing
If you need someone to help write those important instructional chapters of tech or fine-tune what you've already written, we can help. We appreciate that there are many facets of game design, and not everyone excels at every facet. Tech writing can be done as part of our design freelancing, or as ghostwriters for your product.

Adventure Writing
If you’re seeking someone to create an adventure, a mystery, a monster, a location, or any other setting or fictional writing for your game, we’re happy to help! As skilled writers and creators, we can accommodate your needs and timelines, while adding our unique talents and voices to the creative process. We are happy to work as core design members, additional writers, or stretch goal writers.

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