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We are a progressive tabletop roleplaying game and fiction publisher based in Buffalo New York.

Upcoming Projects

Tales of Voracious: Ragnarok

Tales of Voracious: Ragnarok is the newest novel from Kate Bullock, author of Tales of Voracious: Volume One. In Ragnarok, follow Yara, a Guardian whose calling is to connect with dangerous monsters throughout the Scattered Kingdoms, as she is pulled into the nine realms of Norse myth. Arriving in Helheim, Yara meets Hel, the queen of Helheim, and dedicates herself to helping the queen get revenge on Odin. She must find her way out of Helheim and into Asgard in an attempt to free the wronged children of Loki by triggering the twilight of the gods--Ragnarok. By her side are the fantastical and the primal, forging connections with her that are profound and meaningful--and sometimes deadly.

Ragnarok features seven monsters directly from the depths of Norse mythology and entwined within the historical stories of Ragnarok. From Hel to Jormungandr to Fenris Wolf, Yara wanders across the nine realms to fight her way to Odin and demand justice. Will she find it? What mysteries await in the nine realms? And what creatures will she encounter?

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Camdon Wright

As the previous diversity coordinator for the IGDN, Camdon has created and implemented various initiatives for creating diversity and inclusion in analog game spaces, as well as leading the Metatopia Sponsorship and the Diversity Sponsorship programs, both focused on creating spaces for marginalized designers within the industry. Now he is the coordinator for the Diana Jones Award Emerging Designer Program and serves on its board of directors.

He was written for various companies across the industry including Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Magpie Games, Ulisses North America, Darker Hue Games, and is a former staff writer for the ENnie award winning Gnome Stew gaming blog. His own work includes One Child’s Heart and the upcoming noir RPG The Zenobia Initiative. 

Our Team

Kate Bullock

Kate Bullock is a strange and delightful creature. Originally from the wilds of Canada, she now lives in Buffalo, NY with her werewolf partner and very mortal mother.

As a queer, generational witch whose roots lie in Germanic and Irish traditions, Kate has always had an affinity for the dark and peculiar. Her interest in monsters began at a young age, and has blossomed over the years through roleplaying and video games, books, and cinema.

Before she became an author, Kate worked and continues to work in tabletop roleplaying games; to date, she has over fifty game credits under her belt. She loves writing about that which exists outside the “norm,” and addresses topics such as the impact of trauma in tabletop RPGs to themes of ostracization in the world of monsters. When not writing, she enjoys crafting, gardening, and running games at various adult and kink clubs.